NC Senator Advocates for Riots If Trump Is Prosecuted Over His Criminal Mishandling of Classified Material

It’s a sad indictment on Senator Lindsey Graham, of North Carolina, that he’s chosen to subvert the American justice system in the name of defending the indefensible.

Graham’s prediction that Trump lovers will “riot[] in the streets” is nothing more than a thinly veiled advocating for unrest.

Time and again, Graham has demonstrated to the American people that he’s as spineless and masochistic as the rest of the mob who follows the twice-impeached “strong man.”

And, yes, the above epithets are necessary; for, while many may view the senator words as tolerable at best, the injurious—to America—consequences the senator’s unethical, irresponsible speech could possibly bring about call for the strongest rebuke possible; so that there’s no doubt in his mind that what he did isn’t only wrong morally, but also dangerous for everyone involved.

In my book, those who put Trump’s interest ahead of our national security (and ahead of the safety of our FBI and CIA agents) are nothing but traitors.

Luckily for Graham, he can hide behind the cloak of Congressional immunity… Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so quick to dispense his ill-advised nonsense to the impressionable folks who watch Fox “News.”

Graham says that “when it comes to Trump, there’s no law…” there’s only “a double standard.” And he’s right. When it comes to Trump, the law doesn’t exist; there’s only double standard because not only does Trump believe US law doesn’t apply to him, but also because treasonous people like do not want US laws to apply to their twice-impeached poster child.

Senator Graham has no problem with the former president’s endangering the lives of FBI and CIA agents. He doesn’t care that our foreign enemies may have gotten their hands on US Defense information.

Do you hear any conscientious Republican—people like Rep. Liz Cheney—crying foul over the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago? No. Why? Because people like Rep. Cheney aren’t subservient to Donald Trump. Cheney is a woman of principle—unlike that senator from North Carolina…

NOTE: Trump is not being treated unfairly by the US Justice Department. His home was searched because he broke the law. The truth is the DOJ was very accommodating to Trump. They had been trying for month to get him to return the classified material he was illegally in possession of.

Senator Graham has once again disgraced himself. If Justice were truly a thing, he’d be expelled from the Senate and prevented from ever holding public office again—as should the former president for having, just as the senator has now done—incited people to violence.

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