Open Letter to the A.C.L.U. ( 2016)

   Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep “stepping up to the plate” when those in positions of power trample over the rights of the American people.

   But I wish you would be more proactive, too. I wish you’d consider using some of your resources in a country-wide campaign to educate everyday citizens; to teach them about their rights. This is so they can recognize when those rights are being violated.

   Not only that, I wish you would institute a program whose sole aim would be instilling in all Americans the desire to get more involved in politics. As we know, only by getting involved can we effect change.

   Most talk is cheap. Talking about how much we dislike this or that party and what it stands for isn’t enough. We must go out there and act.

   Thankfully, this action does not involve moving physical mountains. This means that even the feeble-bodied can have an impact without much energy expenditure.

   It doesn’t take that much effort to elect the right people to public office; people that have our republic’s best interests at heart; people who see every citizen as someone who can contribute to making our country better. All that is required of us is a few hours every two years. 

   Is that too much to ask?

   Today, there are millions among us who still don’t understand that our vote gives us a voice; that it gives us power.

   However, the power inherent in voting is just potential; kinetic energy must act on this power for it to have the outcome we desire (as in, for example, a congressional or presidential election.)

   The logic is simple:



         System.out.println(“We do not vote.”);




         System.out.println(“We lose the right ” +

                “to complain about, or demand ” +

       “anything from, our elected leaders.”);


   Please, educate our citizens. Educate all minorities; educate those segments in our population that historically have been disenfranchised. Not only that, educate also undocumented immigrants, for they, too, are supposed to have rights. This is another simple equation: America benefits when everyone who’s taken up residence within her borders is educated.


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