Open Letter to Special Counsel Robert Muller, U.S. Dept. of Justice (2019)

Dear Mr. Mueller,

From the myriad reports regarding the service you’ve given our nation, both as a military officer and as a civilian, I can surmise that you’re an honorable, courageous man and that you love our country. I can’t help respecting and admiring you for that.

Since I consider the aforementioned reports factual, I am flabbergasted by your failure to reach a conclusion as to whether our current president obstructed justice.

Did your job description not require that you reach such a conclusion?

I’m in no way implying you should have reached the conclusion that our president did obstruct justice.

What I’m affirming is that your job, given the available evidence, was to indicate either that our president obstructed justice or that he didn’t.

You did not.

I did not see that coming.

I could never have imagined that Robert Mueller, a man America regards as one of her best sons, would do what you did.

However, I sat down, thought things over.

I understand now that the possibility always was there that human nature could intervene; that it could frustrate the desire of the American people to arrive at the truth—for once in these last couple of years.

In bringing up human nature (your human nature, Mr. Mueller), I’m referring to your being a Republican; not just to the mere party affiliation, but to what such affiliation could have compelled you to do.

I may be mistaken, but I suspect that it was loyalty to your party, coupled with the fear (understandable to be certain) of being ostracized by the GOP bosses, that kept you from declaring unequivocally that our president did this or did that.

“There isn’t a cowardly bone in him”—might one read in your military record.

I must say, however, that your failure to handle the matter of Obstruction of Justice in the same manner you did the Russian-Collusion side of the Investigation, shows of a sheer lack of courage.

By not reaching a conclusion, you wittingly (or was the act deliberate?) handled the continuance of the Investigation to the Attorney General—and not to the U.S. Congress, the one government body the Constitution grants the sole power to investigate improper behavior by a president in office.

You shouldn’t have left such an important decision in the hands of the Attorney General—I still refuse to believe you’ve done so.

I suppose you realize—from accounts of his involvement in our nation’s politics—how good our Attorney General is at playing by rules that favor the Republican party—that not the United States and the rule of law.

Did you not know what would happen?

Did you not at least suspect that the current Attorney General is the type of man who is inclined to subvert the rule of law?

In the case at hand, the Attorney General has usurped the authority of the U.S. House of Representatives, taking it upon himself to clear of any wrong doing the person who gave him the job.

All the signs were there, Mr. Mueller, in the Attorney General’s own writings from the recent past.

Didn’t you see them?

It gives me no pleasure to  imagine that your own misguided notion—a fascist notion I must add—that a sitting president cannot be indicted could’ve nudged you toward this most-abhorrent dereliction of your duty to the American people.

Regardless—I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and end by adding only that you’ve done our nation a great disservice!


Pedro Vásquez, USN (Retired)

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