Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi, U.S. House of Representatives (2019)

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As a retired veteran of our nation’s armed forces (and as much as I would like for you to focus most of your energies on needed legislations), I think it would be a mistake to just let it pass, just this time and ignore the myriad crimes our current president committed—and continues to commit—both against private US citizens and against the nation.
I recommend that, while still focusing most of your attention on legislation, you dedicate enough resources to pursing impeachment.
As you remember, President Clinton was accused of a lesser crime, and the zealots in the GOP at the time still chose to impeach him—although he was not removed from office.
It is not vengeance—we are not Republicans!—but justice  #wethepeople seek in asking that our current president be impeached, or at the very least investigated.
As far as your worries about his being impeached possibly “dividing our nation…”
… we are
a nation divided already—and not because of any good reasons.
Yes, our current president is enjoying an approval rating in the nineties, or thereabouts; however, these numbers hold true only among Republicans.
Why do you think that is?
It is not because our current president is a good leader, or even a good person—far from it!
If he enjoys so high an approval rating, it is only because some people are motivated by hatred: hatred is what drives them.
As sad as it is to recognize, our current president has fulfilled that base, immoral need in those who follow him.
Ask any conscientious American—some Republicans included—and they will tell you they realize that our current president is unfit to govern even a D.C. Council ward, let alone our nation.
And his hatred is destroying America from within!
Not impeaching our current president would send the wrong message.
It would tell other would-be tyrants—obviously, that’s what he is—that it’s okay to break the law; that it is okay to judge people based on their religion, their gender, or the color of their skin.
Not impeaching our current president would send the wrong message to our impressionable children—to children all over the world.
You know that despite the damage our current president has already done to the image the world has of America, many a soul out there still holds our nation in high regard—thankfully.
Which is why I hope you will begin the process of impeaching our current president—
For, even if those who cover for the president in the Senate were to stick to their #partybeforenation ideology, and fail to remove him, impeachment in the House of Representative isn’t only fitting, but it’s the legal remedy the US Constitution prescribes were a sitting US President to be found to have broken the law.


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