Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg (2016)

I admire what you’ve accomplished in the short span of time you’ve been on this earth.

   I also admire that you say you want to give everyone a voice.

   Your company has a wide reach throughout the globe (as you probably know, studies even show that about half of the American people are getting their news via the Facebook platform).

   I am going to go out on a limb here, and assume you do not support Donald Trump, or the views he embraced throughout this past election campaign (?)

   You must have heard the reports about the dozen or so women who courageously came forward to accuse the PEOTUS of having sexually assaulted them (He himself admitted to this reprehensible behavior.) You also must have probably read reports of him owing the American people more than six hundred million dollars in back taxes. I will not expound on his scamming American taxpayers out of nearly a billion dollar—by declaring loses on other-people’s money. You must have also heard of his disparaging remarks about Mexicans, or of his threats against our country’s Muslim minority.

   I suppose the question the above has been leading to is this: Do you not realize that by supporting, associating with, and giving a forum to one of Trump’s supporters you are supporting Trump?

   If you stand for progress; if you stand against racism and misogyny; if you stand for what is right, you would not have in your company’s board someone who, through the candidate he supports, espouses hate by inciting Americans to racism and misogyny.

   I think you know whom I am alluding to.


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