Open Letter to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates (2016)

   Your foundation is worthy of praise. Eradicating poverty, enhancing access to healthcare in third-world countries, and teaching American kids about technology are noble aims. I suggest to you, however, that as noble as these endeavors are, a life free of decease, having a few coins in our pockets, and knowing how to talk to a computer are not as valuable when we must live our lives in oppression. 

   Probably, blacks will not go back to indenture servitude anytime soon; however, I imagine that, in our current political climate, there could come a time when they will be at risk of losing their dignity at the hands of the police or other law enforcement organization.

   Constant harassment can feel as demeaning as slavery.

   I guess this is my exceedingly-long way of asking that you consider designating a small porting of the financial resources of your foundation for use in a form of education that could be as valuable as learning science and technology: human rights and civic duties.


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