Thirty-something John Peter has Asperger’s Syndrome. Having never ventured out of his hometown, he leads a sheltered life thanks to his mother Lily.
When Lily dies, things start to unravel quickly and John finds himself homeless — with a bag of cash, a dog-eared book and an old station wagon the only ties to his old life.
With his treasured copy of “100 Places to See in the USA Before You Die” on the front seat of the car, John sets off on a road trip like no other.
John criss-crosses the country, visiting destinations and landmarks in the literal order they’re listed in his book,. He’s challenged at every turn, and not just by his unorthodox itinerary.
Mix a chance meeting with the drug-troubled Nessa, an encounter with a local gang, and even more local law enforcement, with John’s own idiosyncrasies — what could possibly go wrong?
A concise adventure-drama, One Hundred Places is a rich, engaging tale of the human condition. It captures the sometimes comedic interaction of two troubled, complex but endearing characters on a journey of discovery.