Welcome, dear friends, to The Blog.

You can probably tell from the heading on this article that this is not my first post on this site; it’s the second. I wrote the first post back in November 2015. It was just a short blurb about the–at the time–upcoming arrival of my first novel, NAVY ONE.

I’m happy to report that I did it. I published (self-published!) Navy One on the 26th of April 2016. I must say, however, that the book is only available electronically for the time being. I hope to have it available in paperback as soon as next month. I do understand that many of you prefer “the real thing” when it comes to books.

As this blog is brand new, you will not find a lot of content to read in it at first; however, I will endeavor to produce as much quality content as possible so that, in time, these pages will become your favorite resource when it comes to finding practical information on the general topic of writing, and on novel–and screen–writing in particular. I will also share quotations on various topics that have to do with writing and the creative life. I hope they will inspire you!

I’m the administrator and moderator of this blog; however, all of the information I’ll be creating in the coming years, I’ll create only for your convenience, edification, and enjoyment. Why? Because by sharing what I know I can, perhaps, inspire you to–who knows–write your life story? Yes. Of course I’m being serious! That said, this site will only be as useful as you, through your input, help me make it. So, feel free to comment on the post of your choosing, and, if you have general feedback on how I can improve the site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, welcome.